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Haltec 33\" L-Ring Seal Haltec 245LR33
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Haltec 33" L-Ring Seal

Item # 245LR33
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Haltec 33" L-Ring Seal
Haltec 33" L-Ring Seal for creating an air seal where the tire bead and rim bead seat are not completely compatible. Please note: L-Ring seals are not a cure for damaged beads, nor damaged wheels and rims. Caution should be used during all fitments. Do not install where broden bead is suspected. Always follow the respective manufacturers' recommendation for broper bead-lubrication and initial air pressure to properly seat beads. Ascot Part #471-80133.


  Product NameHaltec 33" L-Ring Seal
  Brand NameHaltec
  Item #245LR33
  Weight0.77 lbs
  O-Ring TypeL-Ring