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Autel 1-Piece Sensor (Rubber Stem - No Box) Autel 017MX-SENSOR-B
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Autel 1-Piece Sensor (Rubber Stem - No Box)

Item # 017MX-SENSOR-B
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Autel 1-Piece Sensor (Rubber Stem - No Box)
Autel 1-Piece Programmable TPMS Sensor with Rubber Stem (No Box) combines both 315MHz and 433 MHz into one sensor. Covers 98% of vehicles. Features patented Press design which allows rubber valve and metal valve to be interchangeable by hand. This minimizes installation time and provides quick and simple assembly. Ascot Part #461-20326.

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  Product NameAutel 1-Piece Sensor (Rubber Stem - No Box)
  Brand NameAutel
  Item #017MX-SENSOR-B
  Weight0.07 lbs
  Sensor TypeMX-Sensor


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